Identify Your Core Values

Hope you have read my latest book, Brain Change, which is now available for purchase.

The business world spends billions of dollars each year updating or identifying their corporate Core Values, but we as individuals haven’t given any importance to investing in identifying our own personal Core Values.  The more I understand the brain the more I realize the importance of identifying one’s Core Values.   A process for identifying one’s Core Values is not even a part of our schools or colleges curriculum.  This process ought to be a requirement for students prior to going to college or accepting a job or position in the business world.  For most of us our Core Values are unnamed and the invisible rudder of our lives.

I invite you to use my PAD process to identify your Core Values.   This process requires identifying your Core Values and your Violator Values.  Your violators are also invisible and occasionally cause you to sabotage any success as a result of your special chosen values.  With this data it is possible to explain the chaos and disappointments in your life.  In some cases I’ve identified the path to prison.

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