Brain landscapes and Crime

 Brain Change, which is now available for purchase.

Unraveling the Mystery Of Criminal Behavior.

I am in search of felons willing to have an EEG reading done on their brains to help unravel the mystery of criminal behavior.  I personally know the experience of incarceration as a punishment model must be replaced with a neurological Brain Care Center model.  The present day Punishment Model is a failure, obsolete and inflicts additional damage to those caught in its web.  I was sentenced to federal prison for twenty-two years (in 1989) and lived in the constant daily absurdity of incarceration.  I was forced to interact with a mostly common fearful and rule focused prison staff.  My research and my prison experiences are the foundation for this article.  

To replace incarceration as punishment, I am promoting a neurological Brain Care Center model, focused on repairing damaged brains which is the major cause of criminal behavior.  Prisoners’ neurological reflexes to events, whether those events are true or imagined, are the source of their criminal behavior.  

The foundation for my Brain Care Centers model is based on the discovery of brain plasticity by Michael Merzenich about thirty years ago.   Brain plasticity means the brain is strong enough to resist change but weak enough to be changed.  This plasticity offers an infinite number of brain developments and later brain changes.  It puts all behavior somewhere on a continuum and not just either sane or insane, making unraveling criminal behavior complicated.

Neurology is shaking up the punishment paradigm by identifying changes in the brain with changes in behavior, like in my case, where there was instant behavioral changes following my accident.  Brain damage, brain activity and free will are the new buzz words today.  I’m finding it necessary to create a new language for replacing the language and beliefs of the old punishment paradigm.

Many of my clients are caught in the cycle of relationship building and relationship sabotaging or the cycle of; “I’m sorry please give me another chance.”  I now believe this cycle of apologizes and sabotaging patterns are neurologically based.  Neurological landscapes will eventually override the best of cognitive intentions.  Sitting in prison made it possible for me to recall when my best cognitive intentions were suddenly overridden by criminal behavior because certain powerful neurological landscapes were triggered.  My life has given me a very personal big picture view for seeing the importance for neurological research.  Research that can identify the brain areas that are overactive, under active and functioning normally.

I am in search of many felons willing to have an EEG reading done as part of my research on brain landscapes and criminal behavior.  An EEG reading can provide the offender the truth about your particular brain.  Our EEG readings measure the following areas: External Attention, Response Regulation, Distractor Processing, Working Memory, Reward Processing, Emotion Processing and Internal Attention.  An EEG reading will give you the power and opportunity to use the latest computer generated technologies for reconstructing your brain for a new future.

My twenty-two year experience of incarceration has inspired me to create Brain Care Centers (BCC) that works with those who are sabotaging their relationships and opportunities because of violence and trauma they had no control over.  Today we actually know incarceration is connected to the growing number of gang members and the experience of incarceration makes bitter men and women.  The experience of incarceration inhibits any positive changes in their behavior before their release.   

Being incarcerated as punishment inevitably creates bitter convicts.  Brain Care Centers working with offenders, Neurologist, Brain Coaches and using powerful technologies, the offender has the atmosphere, motivation and power to become better citizens with compassion and empathy for themselves and others.   We must understand that Brain Plasticity allows revisions of our brain’s neurological pathways, positively or negatively, and Brain Care Centers do it through a positive neurological model.  Brain Care Centers can repair our traumatized children, rather than cycling them through our courts, hospitals and prisons as punishment only to see them end up bitter, broken or in a graveyard way too soon.  

Such transformations will also require recognizing and changing parenting, community cultures, institutional influences and the role of the media.  Our children come into the world without a worldview, but they catch their worldview from their experiences while growing up.  Thus, all segments of our society are responsible for the brains we are creating on a daily basis.  Focusing on plasticity, we can understand the importance of addressing criminal behavior neurologically through compassionate Brain Care Centers.  

I am asking everyone interested to continue this conversation with me for implementing the Brain Care Center model for repairing damaged brains.

Thank you,

Lyle Wildes