Transition Services

Lyle has travelled throughout the Midwest meeting with incarcerated persons, helping them find a path to society.

Through classes and individual meetings, his focus is on coaching federal felons through the various stages of transitioning from prison back into the community.

We provide the Positive Attitude Development process which, facilitated by Lyle along with our class text now in it’s 3rd edition, has been developed over the past 25 years and centers around identifying an individual’s:

1. Core Values.

2. Key Supporting Beliefs

3. Texture of Self-Talk
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Lyle, your Positive Attitude Development process helped change my life.  It taught me how to recognize my Core Values, how to look for the good in people and things and how to see that my happiness does not depend on how people treat me–but on how I treat other people. This was one of the most eye-opening, uplifting times in my life!

Thank you so very much.

Your Friend forever,
John Gelnette, former federal prisoner