Lyle Wildes

Lyle WildesBarrett Values Centre

has given PAD a grant to further study recidivism


This grant has given Positive Attitude Development an opportunity to further study any correlation between the Core Value of recently released federal prisoners and recidivism.  We are using our PAD Core Value Process with twenty-five federal prisoners for identifying their Core Values.  Barrett’s grant has given PAD a great opportunity to continue studying the dilemma of recidivism following the paper Lyle wrote for his Master’s degree.  His paper is titled: Understanding the Recidivism Dilemma.  We will be posting his paper soon.

As we expected we are seeing a correlation between recently released federal prisoner’s Core Values and recidivism.  However, we have stumbled upon a pattern we did not expect to find.   We discovered that many different groups have some similar Core Values working as a rudder for their peaceful and rewarding life.  We also discovered that many individuals of different groups have violated their own Core Values and herein lies the correlation between one’s Core Value Violators and recidivism.  More about this later.

As we continue to gather and examine our information we will also compare it to the findings in Lyle’s Master’s degree paper and his personal experiences during his own difficult reentry process.  If the patterns continue to prevail the prison experience and prison programs could greatly benefit from the Positive Attitude Development (PAD) Core Value Process Lyle developed during his incarceration and facilitated during his remaining years of incarceration.