Lyle works with organizations in a number of ways. From presentations to consultations, identifying core values and beliefs helping eliminate chaos and pecking orders resulting in a more creative environment.

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Aiding Nonprofits and Government
David Lee

“I heard about Lyle and his work through a worker at our agency who [attended] one of Lyle’s trainings. Because of her experience and respect for Lyle we decided to contract him to help us identify our agency’s Core Values and Mission Statement. Lyle has shown us how to build and maintain a healthier work culture for our agency.”

David Lee
Director of Public Health & Human Services
Carlton County, MN



Loaves and Fishes

“Our community was helped immensely by meeting with Lyle Wildes. Lyle helped us as a mediator by getting us to talk about our values and what we needed to feel safe in talking about our challenges. He helped us to develop trust and see our common values. He gave some suggestions from his vast knowledge of people and organizations, and we are very grateful for his wisdom and incisive interventions.”
Greg Boertje-Obed
Catholic Charities