Lyle engages with individuals to assist with making change in their lives. Identification of Core Values and Beliefs, Positive Attitude Development and making Brain Change.

Today we must be open to new ways for creating change. Neurology supports the belief that real lasting change comes through changing the physical brain. If we simply change the way we think and do not reconstruct the neural landscape that supports and creates the new habitual behaviors, defaulting to old behaviors will and have been common practices. Brain Coaching is about driving the brain to form the neural landscape needed for lasting change. This is best seen when an individual drives their brain to play a violin for months and even years. Practicing the violin creates the habit and the supporting neural landscape necessary for long term violin playing.


Marlo Morgan“I met Lyle W. when I was invited as keynote speaker for a graduation exercise in federal prison. The celebration was the conclusion of an inmate positive image rehabilitation program in which messages from the book were incorporated. Single-handedly, Lyle has helped hundreds of men our society had given up on.”
Marlo Morgan
Author of Mutant Message Down Under



“The one thing that remains in my life to this day is your belief in me when I wanted to say no to the job that I thought was above my ability. Your words of encouragement, your belief in me, caused me to embrace a fear that I had carried my whole life, thinking I wasn’t capable enough, wasn’t smart enough, and on and on. Taking that job was the greatest feeling of achievement I ever experienced. And that has remained a memory that helps me face my fears today.”
Stu Van Maasdam Sr

Many individuals have built healthy relationships with their brains working with Lyle as their Brain Coach.