Lyle Wildes

Lyle WildesLyle spent 19 months in state prison and 19 years in Federal prisons. He was released December 10, 2007, and lives in Duluth, Minnesota. A native of Lime Ridge, Wisconsin, Lyle holds degrees in Sociology and Philosophy from the University of Wisconsin-Platteville. He has recently earned a Master’s degree in Liberal Studies from the University of Minnesota-Duluth.
Prior to his incarceration, he taught philosophy at the college level and later operated a successful cutting-edge mobile home transportation service.

Lyle developed the Positive Attitude Development (PAD) program in prison and spent the final 18 years of his incarceration facilitating the program to fellow inmates and outside prison volunteers. The first printing of his book was titled, Positive Attitude Development Workbook was release on December 9, 2008. It is in its third edition titled The Positive Attitude Development (PAD) Process released June 2016. This latest edition is designed to help participants identify their invisible Core Values and supporting Beliefs. Lyle says. “At the end of the (PAD) process each participant has a better understanding of themselves and their relationship with others.”

Lyle does national Domestic Abuse trainings and is a Brain Coach. He has appeared on TED Talk and recently released his new book titled, Brain Change which focuses on understanding the relationship between the physical brain and behavioral changes.

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